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Projectmanager for Supermarket 2017. Supermarket 2017 will be held 23–26 March 2017 at Svarta huset (‘The Black House’) ,Telefonplan, Stockholm. The goal of Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is to provide a showcase for artists’ initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish and international art scenes. It is also an art fair that strives to offer the visitor an experience rather than focusing on sales. Artist-run galleries regularly staging public exhibitions in their own spaces and other artists’ initiatives that arrange exhibitions and events with invited artists can apply to exhibit at Supermarket 2017. Individual artists and artists’ groups established only for applying to Supermarket will not be considered. www.supermarketartfair.com

Art Consultant/ Curator for Stockholm County Council. 2016 - 17

Extern Curator samt medverkar i utställningen "Suecia Contemporare" på kalmar Konstmuseum 14 juni – 19 oktober. Tio konstnärer av idag refererar utifrån Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna i en svensk "Barock till Samtida" utställning på Kalmar konstmuseum. Utställningen är tänkt som en dialog med historia och samtid likt den dialog Erik Dahlberg förde på sin tid.

/ External Curator and participates in the exhibition "Suecia Contemporare" at Kalmar Art Museum June 14 to October 19 Ten artists of today refers basis Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna in a Swedish "Baroque to Contemporary" exhibition at Kalmar Art Museum. The exhibition is conceived as a dialogue with the past and present like the dialogue Erik Dahlberg brought in his time.

Projektledare för Supermarket 2015/ Projectmanager Supermarket 2015

Redaktör Supermarket Art Magazine#5/ Editor Supermarket Art Magazine#5

Föreläsning Södertörns universitet 5 september/ Lecture Södertörns university 5 september